noun \ˈkrīm\
:  an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially :  a gross violation of law
:  a grave offense especially against morality
:  criminal activity 
(Oxford English Dictionary) 


Dark Passages Publishing is a New York based imprint that endeavors to publish the best new crime novellas. Founded in 2015 by P.A.M. Jensen, Dark Passages Publishing publishes a range of crime fiction.

Whether it’s mystery, noir, hardboiled, psychological, thriller, pulp, or literary crime, Dark Passages Publishing is looking to promote strong voices and novellas that exceed expectations and surprise the reader in both context and form. Give us something nebulous, something gritty, something radical, compelling stories with intriguing characters and quality writing. We’re hungry for work that unsettles and thrills with language and twists.

Dark Passages Publishing is a world populated by psychopaths, sociopaths, misfits, and sundry fellow travelers ebbing and flowing in the common goals of “the big score,” “achieving total dominance,” and “righting wrongs.” We want a world whose narrators’ understanding of such things in direct contrast to the world at large, due to their own peculiar world views, is embedded in quest of their goals. Such a world has been covered by Jim Thompson and Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich. Think The Killer Inside Me, The Grifters, The Killing, and No Hope for Tomorrow.

Dark Passages Publishing is an eBook/traditional print publisher. We are a royalty paying market.

Dark Passages Publishing has returned to publishing after a long hiatus.