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It is an evening of music and madness, of resentments and ambitions and cheap bar fights. Or is it? In Trey R. Barker’s tour-de-force new novella Hostage, Barker recasts his penchant for the shadows and grit of back alley noir.  He tells us to not trust what we think we see and let him lead the dance because he not only knows the music…he knows when it will stop. In an abandoned warehouse, a handful of people will come to understand what was hiding in the music and the shadows.  They will also learn why their wants and desires are always both to have and have not.  The ambitious, the lazy, the vengeful, the fat and happy, will all take their turn looking into the abyss and measuring it against the weight and breadth of their souls. Some will be found lacking….Barker’s Hostage is a brilliant re-imagining noir, an elastic structure that will spin your head and make you question what you’ve just read.

“A writer who walks the walk, Barker will show you the difficult and dark side of crime literature.  Get the nerve to read him-you should.” Craig Johnson, author the Walt Longmire mysteries, the basis for the Netflix hit series Longmire.

“Trey R. Barker might  just be the closest successor to Jim Crumley we have.” Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Everything Burns and Moonlight Weeps.


Sarah Watson is a fifteen-year-old recovering heroin addict who’s shut herself inside to avoid the temptations that once destroyed her life.  Ready to spend the night shut up in the warmth of her room, she receives a frenzied call from Chrissy Carmichael, a girl at her high school, begging Sarah to meet her at the space “Where Everything Ended,” the site of a terrible crime Sarah committed and got away with. Sarah is sucked into a spiral of violence and deception, and along the way dragged back into the world she’s tried to forget.

Christian Chiakulas’ debut novella is shot of 21st-century grit, a window into the world of outcasted millennials, and a sketch of the darkness that lurks below the facade of a normal life.

Is The Cold, Dark Night “YA  Noir” or “21st Century Teen Realism” or “Chick-Mystery Lit sans Chic”? That’s for the reader to decide. The Cold, Dark Night is the compelling story of Sarah, just the kid next door, except for the dead people—and you won’t need a DNA sample to see our Sarah as a literary descendant of Jim Thompson and Mickey Spillane. It’s a book that keeps you reading. It’s a good book, and I give no higher praise. —Mort Castle, author of Cursed Be the Child

I Can Help You


Charles Buckley sits quietly weeping. He’s trying to come to terms with the cancer diagnosis. It’s then that a light knock on his car window breaks him from the spell. A stranger stands looking at him and says the words that’ll charge Charles’ life forever. He takes a chance. Quickly, the world around Charles becomes a place of menace and pain as he’s given the power of revival. However, he can only save one person, and he must do it right or face ‘dire consequences’. Struggling to deal with the burden, he is quickly sucked into a series of faith-altering and life changing scenarios which threaten not only him, but those he holds dearest in life.



Let There Be Night



This first person, “What am I doing here, what’s my purpose?” mystery has you sharing the narrator’s raw emotion and frustration from beginning to end. The plot twists do just what they should, surprise and yet leave you with a satisfied feeling of “Oh ya, that fits”. A great read! —Sjoerd Schaafsma, Lethbridge, Canada Let There Be Night is a thrilling mystery that grasps the reader by the throat and tugs at the heart at the same time. Mike Saad’s novella conjures up the tenderness of youth and its fiery passion while reminding the reader how easily it can be extinguished.